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Personal Care Services

Personal and Respite Care Services

Available Services

Waterford Senior Living provides quality supportive, nursing and personal care assistance when needed in an environment that promotes dignity and independence. Each resident can choose services and amenities on an as-needed basis creating a personalized care plan that goes above and beyond what is already included in the monthly rent. Some of the available services from which residents can choose include but are not limited to;

  • Personal Care Services or Activities of Daily Living. Available are assistance with; showering, dressing, grooming, personal hygiene, transferring or toileting.
  • Nursing Services available are; medication management, diabetic monitoring, health assessment/monitoring or skin care. The staff is able to provide some nursing services under the supervision and training of our nurse and we also utilize outside service providers to perform more higher level nursing care if needed.
  • Supportive Services available are; escorting to/from meals and activities, arranging transportation or appointments, or assistance with personal laundry.
  • Unscheduled Care Services are services that the timing can not be predicated but is not necessarily emergency care, such as incontinent care or extra assistance when ill.

Respite Care Services

Sometimes a temporary condition or situation creates the need for respite care, i.e. support during illness, recovery from surgery, etc. At other times, a family providing support for an older adult may need to have a break from the day to day commitment to give them "time off" or to go on vacation.

Waterford Senior Living can provide temporary placement for respite care residents. Respite services are provided at a daily rate. The daily rate covers everything included in the monthly service rate (meals, housekeeping, activities, etc.), the apartment is fully furnished and up to 28 hours of personalized care each week.

Incontinence Support

Quality incontinence products at a bulk rate can be ordered for you, stored in your apartment and reordered when necessary by the staff. We can assist residents with incontinence (product use, proper cleaning after an accident, and disposal) as needed or on a scheduled basis. Incontinence with lack of proper hygiene after an accident can cause serious health problems (urinary infections, skin breakdown, open sores, etc.) that can be avoided.

Outside Services

Waterford Senior Living works with several companies and agencies to help connect residents and families with services for convenience and support and to help our residents stay at Waterford Senior Living.

Some of these services are covered under Medicare / Medicaid and supplemental insurances. Some also may require a fee from WSL for administration time.

  • Physician: The physician comes to WSL about every two weeks to see residents right in the comfort of their own apartment for non-emergency medical needs and checkups.
  • Psychiatrist / Nurse Practitioner: The psychiatrist visits about every month and will see residents in their apartments for convenient appointments and psychiatric care.
  • Podiatry: A podiatrist comes to the facility about every two months to provide podiatry services.
  • Vision: About every three to six months an opthamologist visits our facility to provide eye sight care for residents' convenience.
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies: All three therapies are available to provide services to our residents in the comfort of their apartment. Therapy can be as often as prescribed by the doctor and most services are covered under Medicare or insurance.
  • Home Health: Home health companies can perform higher levels of nursing care that come right to the resident in their apartment so a resident does not have to stay in the hospital. Most services are covered through Medicare or insurance.
  • Hospice Care: Hospice agencies help provide extra nursing, supportive and personal cares to compliment WSL's services so that a resident may be able to stay at WSL. Most services are covered by Medicare.
  • Labs/Blood Draws: A laboratory comes right to WSL and performs the prescribed labs (blood draws, urine, fecal, etc.) ordered by the resident's doctor in the privacy of the resident's apartment. The results are directly sent to the doctor for review.
  • X-Rays: An x-ray company can come and do many different types of x-rays, ultrasounds and other similar services in the privacy of the resident's apartment.
  • Incontinence Supplies: The WSL staff can also order and inventory incontinence supplies at a bulk rate for residents and they are stored in the resident's apartment.

We complete a full assessment prior to admission to assess the resident's service needs and wants. We only provide the services that the resident and family feel that are necessary and only charge for the services that are provided. We want each resident to live and flourish to their maximum ability to maintain their independence. The customized service package determines the monthly rate.

Dining Services

The chandelier lit dining room is great for enjoying a meal and socializing with friends. The walls are lined with windows for a wonderful view of the back patio, pond with wildlife and our raised gardens. Waterford Senior Living provides breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday and all meals are served restaurant style. Our menu is carefully planned out to accommodate special diets while providing healthy and delicious meals for everyone. We always provide an alternative menu option to accommodate personal preferences. We encourage family and friends to join you for a meal to visit, just give us a 24 hour notice so we can plan ahead.

Nothing sparks pleasant memories like the aroma of traditional family fare. At Waterford Senior Living, we encourage residents to share their family's favorite recipes with us to add to our menu options.

Independent Living

Our independent living option is integrated right into our assisted living community, meaning that you can enjoy the benefits of our community, such as 3 prepared meals every day and all our onsite activities, while living independently. Should you need assisted living in the future, you don't have to move to a new apartment. Please call for more details.

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